Thursday, March 11, 2010

Window Stickers – Prominent and Eye Catching

Prominently placed stickers definitely attract our attention. Most normal places to affix sticker are doors and windows of vehicles and shops while the stickers could talk of promotional schemes, offers, attractive bargain and discounts. They could also announce the launch of a new product or service, thus truly serving their purpose.

Shop Window stickers, Vehicle window stickers and door window stickers which carry a fancy shape such as a star or balloon or even a simple circle in bright colours with text written does invite the passer by’s glance. Meanwhile if you wish to note or record certain technical details such as car service details, garage details, parking lot number you could go for square or a rectangular shaped vehicle stickers which can be placed at the corner of you the front screen or the rear screen of the car.

Bumper stickers are ideally used for announcing promotional campaigns; stickers placed at the windshields speak of the auto events and stickers announcing a particular car for sale in placed on the rear part of the car.

The size and shape of the stickers along with the number of colours used does matter. You could go in for single spot colour to maximum five colours stickers, mind you here white is also included as a colour. If you wish you could also go in for double sided stickers as well. The stickers could contain the same design on both the side or different design on either side while in order to knock off the transparency between both sides, you could opt for opaque white, silver blocker or opaque white.

It would be greatly beneficial if you go for permanent self-adhesive vinyl stickers over static-cling vinyl, removable self-adhesive vinyl as they last longer and can withstand all types of weather conditions as well. Meanwhile checking online for window sticker manufacturers could be an ideal proposition which allows you to check the products online and place orders online as well. A well printed window sticker with a catchy slogan does quite a lot of business promotion for you when placed at prominent location of your window or door of either the vehicle or the shop.