Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Turbine cleaning using Blast Cleaning

Turbines are widely used in energy generation process. These are mostly used for the process of electricity generation. Turbines are efficient and have been in use since long, they do not ask for much maintenance and if serviced regularly and professionally can function for a long time.

Turbines are huge and mostly used for electricity generation or industrial purposes. It is not possible to spend a lot of time on getting them cleaned as the work would suffer a lot. Cleaning the dirt out of them and making sure the rust is removed is a task that needs to be done by professionals. Sand blasting is the easiest and quickest way for cleaning the turbines.

With the help of sand blasting the dust and stains that restrict the proper functioning of turbines are removed with ease without damaging the turbines. In the process of sand blast turbine cleaning sand is thrown over the rotating turbines at a very high speed using specific equipments. The force with which the sand hits the turbines is so high that the dirt, rust, stains on the turbines are removed away. It extracts the dust collected in the remotest area within the turbine and the result is shinny and brand new looking turbines.

Dust and dirt if not removed at regular intervals can damage the turbines and make their life short. Sand blasting is a safe and quick way of getting rid of dirt attracted by the turbines and keeping them in proper working condition. So next time you think of turbine cleaning choose a professional blast cleaning company.

Blast cleaning tanking : We offer blast cleaning services for tanking process, blast methods vary with conditions, we also provide wet blast method for tanking companies. Our blast cleaning process for tanking includes blasting, sweeping and washing.

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