Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Ever since established in 1979, the mobile blast cleaning company ‘Blastit’ has over the years grown a reputation of simply turning an ageing structure back into its prime beauty. Unmatchable results and reasonable rates are what make ‘Blastit’ a favorite with the people.

Doing work in London and its surrounding counties the calls for services never cease but once work is done on a structure be it commercial, individual property or for that matter an industrial building. Using air compressing and abrasive materials the company ensures that a surface, be it concrete, steel, wood or any other is wiped clean and polished and redone like as it was when purchased new.

Cleaning of old paint or rust from whatever the surface is and redoing it with absolute finesse sees a work of art done with passion. For people needing to get an idea of how it will works may also see the company do a sample cleaning.

Cleaning process Is a complete one and even the debris and remains in the end are dealt with and taken care of. Apart from that of course the material and medium of cleaning is absolutely non Hazardous, one with nature in fact also conforming to ISO 11126.

The company also does cleaning of boats as well as planes what with a claim to fame through doing fuselage work on a Dakota during the shoot of ‘Band of Brothers’

Blast cleaning in London and the Home Counties is our key service. Mobile blast cleaning services offered by Blastit Limited include beam cleaning, brick & steel cleaning, turbine cleaning, and osmosis treatment. Call us for emergency sandblasting services.

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