Thursday, January 6, 2011


The winter season this year in 2010 has been absolutely harsh. All the more, for bikers and car drivers who have found treading the roads to be an asking task and full of danger at that. Even the ones who have fitted winter tyres are still in danger of meeting with a breakdown of their vehicles. AA, the agency that provides with insurance covers for the same has seen an ever increasing number of people coming in for a breakdown cover. A good five hundred miles of road area will be covered by millions of drivers over the break.

This is only bound to increase the number of people to be left stranded with their cars in a poor condition. But major problems are with the car starting in the first place, rather than people getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. This is where even the minimal £20 a year, the price of a basic cover, is still worthy enough. Then there are the more expensive covers which cost a big £200. But these are to be opted for by people who are looking at getting the complete package comprising of many things; Garage call-out charge, back up while travelling abroad among others.

Car Crash UK are one of the leading personal injury compensation specialists in the UK.

There are still others who pay a good £350 for a European breakdown cover that takes care of all the vehicles. Then again people would do well to shop from the best by comparing between the various providers and seeing which one of them is giving the best of deals and at the most reasonable of prices. AA, RAC, Auto-National, Green Flag, Auto Aid, GEM Motoring Assist and Britannia Rescue are some of the more popular names that provide with a range of breakdown insurance covers. Auto Aid recently topped a report for giving the best level of customer satisfaction among the others. A poll had most of the people voting in favor of Auto Aid.


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