Monday, January 17, 2011


Liberty Pultrusions, has over the years scaled greater heights on a continual scale. The recent set back as received by recession notwithstanding, the company continued to do well and cater to a diverse number of customers. The reputed Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) Company is known to give nothing short of the best in terms the quality products that it offers. These are absolutely high rated as far as their durability and applications are concerned. In fact the company has over the years garnered many acclaimed and respected clients and has done well to loyally serve them. Now Liberty Pultrusions seems on an expansion mode. The company has thus announced that it will also offer FRP grating to its customers.

These will be made available through two new distribution centers that the company is setting up for molded fiberglass gratings. These would be located on the East and West Coast of the United States. LPI has in the mean while also got into a stocking distribution agreement. This would again be in regards their fiberglass grating. Florida and California are the two states in the United States that would see the setting up of the two new stocking centers.

These distribution centers will thus provide with superior costs savings for customers. This includes lower shipping costs on the West Coast, Mid-West and the Southeast portion of the United States. The fiberglass grating are in the offing in a variety of sizes, colors, dimensions and other specifications for that matter and in the taking, available at both stocking locations.
These FRP Molded Gratings see their applications in diverse industrial manufacturing sectors. This includes oil extraction firms, protective shielding, food processing, , power plants for stairways, walkways and raised floors and water treatment among others. Liberty Pultrusions provides with these supplies of Molded Fiberglass Gratings to a string of clients across three neighboring countries namely in United States, Mexico, and Canada.

Liberty Pultrusions in the mean while has been in the industry for the last four decades. It has been among the pioneers in the Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) industry. These products see their applications in the, electrical, corrosion, construction and industrial industries.



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